Case Study

B2B – Wholesale Ordering System

Decora S.A.

Decora S.A. is a leading manufacturer of decorative elements and interior decor elements. It specializes in floor, window and ceiling decorations. The key market is Poland, although products are distributed to 38 countries, among others to Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia.


Decora S.A. urgently needed a B2B system which would ensure permanent access to the company’s current offer and handling orders through the internet. Order handling methods in use (phone, fax, and e-mail) proved inefficient and resulted in errors and delays in order processing. An internet-based ordering service was intended to reduce lead time and customer service costs to a minimum. The key aspect was integration with SAP ERP currently in operation.


After an in-depth analysis of the company’s needs Poleng and Decora defined business objectives and the concept of their implementation.

A custom B2B system was implemented ?IMS ? Integration Management System?, carefully tailored to meet Decora’s requirements. A mechanism for exchanging the data between SAP and an on-line ordering website, based on XML messages. It enables a continuous , bilateral exchange of data between the systems, ensuring data integrity.

The system was created in close cooperation with Decora programmers who simultaneously developed the SAP system in operation at their company.


for the company:

  • full order automation,
  • improved order management,
  • rapid, reliable, user-friendly on-line ordering process,
  • reduced customer service costs.

for the customer:

  • constant access to the company’s current offer,
  • on-line ordering available 24/7,
  • user-friendly,
  • order status and the history of orders can be monitored,
  • automatic order status notification.

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