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Translatica ? machine translation system

Client specializes in multimedia publications. It offers a wide array of dictionaries, encyclopedias and educational programs, programs for individual customers and solutions dedicated to companies and institutions. Since 2003 has been partnering POLENG Sp. z o.o. and distributing machine translation program Translatica.

State of the art prior to the launch of Translatica

Until 2003 the broad offer of lacked automatic translation programs and solutions. This is what underpinned the decision of to enter into coopperation with POLENG sp. z o.o. and to become the sole distributor of Poleng’s automatic translation solutions.

At that time POLENG had at its disposal a prototype of an automatic translation program, being the result of research works carried out at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science under the superivision of Krzysztof Jassem, PhD. At that time was in possession of lexical data developed for the purposes of lexiocographic publications.

Potential users of translation software needed it for working with texts; they used applications such as text editors, spreadsheets, web browsers programs for presentations, e-mail clients. Those applications did not enable the translation of processed texts.


The Translatica automatic translation system uses transfer method based on a set of rules for transferring a sentence in the source language into a sentence in the target language. The very process of transfer is preceded breaking down the text into words and sentences, morphological analysis (recognizing inflections and derivatives), lexical analysis (verification of words in the system dictionary and the acquisition of syntactic and semantic information, and, finally, the translation) as well as syntactic analysis, resulting in a syntactic representation of the sentence. PAfter the trasnfer is completed, the system generates a text in the target language, based on syntactic and i morphological analysis.

The dictionary was compiled with the use of a list of entries made available by and processed for the purposes of the machine translation program. Several indsutry-specific dictionaries were created as well, which enhanced the quality of specialized translations.

In order to meet the requirements of the users of text aplications, the translation program was equipped in ?plugins? enabling its integration with popular web browsers, e-mail clients and Microsoft Office.


The Translatica system and its functionalities enable:

  • rapid translations of texts,
  • labour cost savings,
  • better quality of specialized translations,
  • quick access to translation via popular applications available on the market (web browsers, MS Office, e-mail clients).

Translatica was recognized as the best automatic translation system in Poland. It was granted the Award of the President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce ? Komputer Expo in 2005 and the golden medal at the Poznań International Fair in 2007.

Currently we offer translation programs for English, German and Russian, and for server solutions – also Italian, French and Spanish. The system’s translation modules have been also used in the translators available on the internet and as an extra module in an annovative CAT tool supporting translation TranslAide, developed by POLENG.


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