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is a cutting-edge, high-quality specialized translation service.

The TranslExpert service involves analysing the translations from a given field, provided by the customer. New texts are translated accurately and consistently based on the supplied translation history.

How it works?


  • businesses and institutions translating high volumes of documents
  • a vast database of already translated texts is required

Key benefits:

  • express turnaround time of high volume content
    • up to ten thousands of pages within several days
    • 100 times faster than the offers of translation agencies
  • cost efficiency
    • 5 times more cost-efficient than what is offered by translation agencies
  • using available linguistic resources
    • no need for installing, configuring and servicing software
    • high volumes of translated texts must be supplied (ca. 2000 pages)
  • terminological consistency i high quality
    • accuracy and consistency in specialized terminology
    • much higher quality than general-purpose automatic translators
  • translating heavy volume content in a short period of time
  • How it works

    TranslExpert, specialized machine translation of high volume and industry-specific content, requires a high amount of reference data (2000 pages in two languages ~ 100 000 sentences at minimum). The system’s algorithms learn to translate by analysing bilingual texts and identifying the correspondences between text fragments in two language versions. The translation generated on this basis is consistent in terms of terminology with the history of previously translated texts; some grammatical and stylistic post-editing might be needed.

POLENG Translation Office to a team of specialists performing translations in over 20 language combinations.

We make standard, certified and specialized translations in the fields of law, economy, finance, marketing, IT, medicine, technology. We translate websites.


  • businesses and institutions
  • individuals

Key benefits:

  • top quality
  • affordable prices
  • high turnaround time delivery of up to up to 6 translation pages a day
  • free quote, price transparency
  • confidentiality
  • discounts for regular customers

Into Polish

From Polish

1st language group

English, German, Russian, French

PLN 35.00

PLN 40.00

2nd language group

Belarussian, Bulgarian, Chech, Spanish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Italian

PLN 47.00

PLN 53.00

III grupa językowa

Bosnian, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish, Hungarian

PLN 59.00

PLN 61.00

Additional information:

  • rates quoted are nett (PLN), 23% of VAT must be included.
  • translation page (source document): 1800 characters with spaces
  • standard turnaraound time: up to 6 translation pages within 24 h after the order has been accepted
  • specialized translations: standard rate + 35%
  • certified translations: standard rate + 50% *

We specialize in designing and developing comprehensive IT systems in line with z the requirements of our Clients.

Carefully tailored to individual needs, our software outperforms standard one-size-fits-all systems available on the market!


  • clients in need of software matched to their needs

Główne korzyści:

  • competitive prices
  • highly experieced staff
  • comprehensive offer – starting with needs analysis through design up to post-implementation support

We specialize developing software for the following fields:

Sales, promotion and ordering support systems based on cutting-edge IT technologies. Online access to the offer – online, through mobile devices or kiosks.

Sample realizations:

Client: Production company


Realizacja: B2B online ordering system

accepting orders from distributors (OnlineOrdering)

Client: Publishing house


Realization: a platform for purchasing e-books

Klient: Digital Signage company


Realization: A system for managing an infokiosk network

Systems streamline business processes in the company. Time- and resource-efficient.

Sample realizations:

Klient: Production company


Realizacja: A system supporting product cataloguing, a mobile application supporting mobile merchandisers

Klient: Productin company


Realizacja: project management system

software for ordering, reporting and monitoring the progress of projects

Applications designed for creating, organizing and presenting multimedia content. They enable the management of texts, pictures, videos and their publications in any form, e.g. an advanced internet portal.

Sample realizatinos:

Klient: Voivodeship Police Headquarters in Poznań


Realization: Virtual Police Station

- internet information portal with a 360 degree panorama of the police station

Klient: Design company


Realization: a portal for exhibition stand designers

Advanced systems for automatic text processing – searching and processing defined patterns in texts and data pools.

Sample realizations:

Client: Police headquarters


Realization: anonimizator

- Data anonymization tool

Klient: IT company


Realization: billing extraction module

Client: Publishing house


Realization: automatic translation system – Translatica

INFOPROVIDER is a copmprehensive service of advanced axtraction and processing of data from the internet and vast data pools.

It consists in applying state-of-the-art intelligence solutions for acquiring, filtering and contextual analysis of data. The information captured this way meet the strict criteria set for a given query.

How it works


  • companies conducting regular and large-scale market analyses
  • companies conducting research & development operations

Key benefits:

  • process automation thanks to the application of cutting-edge technological solutions
  • major savings due to process automation
    • 20 times more time saved
    • 4 times lower costs
  • supporting wide-ranging analytical processes
  • synthesis and an ordered presentation of data filtered with a set of criteria
  • browsing and analysing data at the meaning level
  • filtering data in various formats

How it works

Sample realizations:

  • ?List contact e-mails to all translation offices in Poland?.
  • ?Compare the offers of wine experts in Poland?.
  • ?Analyse my billing and find the best offer for me?.

Sample report:

What course books ?

Podaj: List course book names, ISBN numbers, total number of schools using a given course book, school names, locations (city), correspondence addresses, e-mail addresses.

ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM FOR DISTRIBUTORS is a state-the-art e-commerce B2B software.

SIt enables the presentation of of the current offer and streamlines the process of ordering – by both business customers and end customers. It is available online through a website.


  • pmanufacturing and trading companies operating in B2B

Key benefits:

  • full support in ordering and cooperating with the customer
    • current offer, orders, order forms, newsletter
    • business partners, settlements, invoicing
  • cost and time savings in order delivery
  • full automation thanks to the integration with the ERP system
  • operating models
    • stand-alone system containing the tools required for sales analysis and reporting
    • integration with the sales, logistics system and client database system currently in operation
  • universal data exchange format

It consists in partial or full outsourcing of programming works outside of the organization and commissioning the work to external IT  teams.

The solution enables an optimised use of available resources and the focus on core business activity.


  • customers who are willing to outsource the development and maintenance of their software products (in full or in part) to an external company.

Key benefits:

  • affordable price
  • a team of experts with years of experience under the belt
  • the use of the latest tools and technologies

The service consists in verifying software compliance with the specification and z customer requirements.

It provides a mechanism for ensuring and monitoring the quality of implemented system.


  • software companies or enterprises with software development department in their organizational structure.

Key benefits:

  • affordable price
  • z Quality Assurance team with many years of experience
  • assistance in creating specifications and defining processes
  • verification of software compliance with the specification and expectations
  • monitoring the quality of implemented system
  • the use of the latest tools and technologies