• Biuro Tlumaczen PWN

    PWN Translation Agency @ POLENG

    POLENG has experienced rapid growth in the past few months with the launch of its PWN Translation Agency combining top-quality linguistic services and the long-established reputation of the PWN brand with state-of-the-art solutions in translation technology. Now we offer comprehensive linguistic services in more than 50 languages, competitive rates and faster-than-average turnaround times. Our recent ...
  • translaide stocznia

    Industry-specific automatic translator went live at the Remontowa Ship Repair Yard!

    We have successfully deployed dedicated translation software at the Remontowa Ship Repair Yard. TranslAide Remontowa program is spot on in meeting the shipyard’s requirements. It translates order queries received from potential business partners – not only instantly, but consistently in terms of terminology. The program integrates two basic functions: translation memory and statistical translation based on the ...
  • ges

    PWN Language Assistant

    POLENG team participated in developing PWN Language Assistant, a new internet service offering linguistic support to the users of the Polish language. It provides access to the most reliable lexicographic and guidebook resources of the Polish Scientific Publishers PWN, among others the Great Universal Dictionary of Polish, the great dictionary of synonyms, the dictionary of ...
  • translatica_mobile_icon

    Translatica Mobile ? translation at hand all the time

    We have developed an innovative application for mobile devices which allows for translating texts to and from English, German and Russian. Translatica Mobile CAMERA translates using a mobile phone camera. The source text captured with the camera (such as a menu at a restaurant, a document or tourist information) is displayed along with its translation ...