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Translation technology

Specialised translation needs require specialised solutions, such as dedicated translators for business. Automatic translation fully tailored to the industry and the profile of the company in question allows business translations to be done faster and more cost-effectively - while maintaining quality and ensuring strict data confidentiality.

Competitive advantage in an international business environment is determined by efficient and effective communication with customers and business partners who speak multiple languages - both national and professional.

Specialised automatic translation sets a new standard when it comes to effectively meeting the growing need to translate extensive and thematically diverse texts.

PolengMT is an intelligent domain translator for business and corporate customers operating internationally and within specialised fields. It is a state-of-the-art solution that translates into increased profitability and a competitive advantage in communication in the global marketplace.


The system is highly efficient and takes only several hours to consistently and accurately translate hundreds of pages. Translation quality is determined by the quantity of bilingual input data used for training the translation engine. The more content has been processed, the better the output quality. For satisfactory results, reference materials should include a minimum of 1,000 pages (50,000 sentences) in .pdf, .docx, .xls or .tmx format.


high quality
MT engine adopted to meet specific individual requirements
data confidentiality
No third-party access to content
Multiple industries and language combinations available
Cost and time savings of 40-80%

Information boom and the need for its exchange data drives the demand for translation. Language service providers must keep up with growing quality and multiple language requirements, shrinking budgets and tightening schedules.

Such a fast-paced and challenging environment is ideal for custom machine translation, a solution which has already revolutionised the entire translation industry and has sent the idea of productivity to new heights.

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