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Translating research and science content demands specialist background knowledge and the use of uniquely complex language of science.

Impeccable quality of the target text impacts the reputation of its author and contributes to gaining recognition in the scientific circles. We provide expert translation and review services you can rely on.

Sample documents:


  • articles
  • publications
  • abstracts
  • monographs
  • books
  • etc.

Some of our areas of expertise:


  • exact sciences
  • natural sciences
  • social sciences
  • humanities
  • culture and arts
  • etc.

Working with us is simple!

a file
approx. 60 min.
get quote
& delivery date
& confirm order
the ready translation

POLENG Translation Agency:

  • hundreds of translators
  • dozens of industries
  • 50+ languages
  • thousands of satisfied clients

Why us:

  • quick quote
  • all document formats
  • affordable prices
  • fast turnaround

We are:

  • educated & experienced
  • professional & precise
  • reputable & reliable
  • innovative & efficient
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